Is there anything more important?

Our relationship and connection to mother earth is so very important and at oli oli we understand that everything we do and consume will have an impact on her. Our ethos is to make that footprint as tiny as possible.

— How it all started

I discovered the remarkable changes in my skin using Prickly Pear Seed Oil whilst living abroad, I used my last drops upon my return home and discovered that it was not the easiest oil to source in Australia. I teamed up with my husband and incredibly talented friend Corrie. Thus began the journey of oli oli, the intention to kindly source, create and provide natural toxic free self care products to Australians leaving the tiniest footprint we can.

— What we are doing…

We hand fill each bottle, lovingly label and box the product ourselves, in natural daylight, in small batches 100% carbon neutral delivery in compostable carriers and cushioned by post consumer recycled papers in recyclable packaging. Plastic is less than ideal. Glass bottles are not only 100% recyclable, they protect and maintain the quality of the product inside AND during manufacturing they produce significantly less carbon emissions than plastic. We carefully selected our labels to be removed with ease so our bottles can be both reused and recycled.

Cactus Face Wrinkle Paper Arch Ethos

— How it works

We have teamed up with some earth friendly small businesses to ensure our product has a healthy lifecycle. Starting with production, arriving to you, returning to a local partner and finally back to us to be reincarnated into a new vessel for its next lifecycle.

These beautiful partners are listed below. You can also find our physical products on their shelves if you're lucky enough to be passing by. If you would like to stock our products and help us close the loop by offering a similar service or have your own idea to reduce waste and carbon emissions we would love to work with you. Any small business or individual that aligns with this ethos is encouraged to get in touch here.

A rising tide lifts all ships as they say.

Ethos Closing the loop diagram

— Our Beautiful Partners

Ethos watson bloom coffee


One of our incredible neighbours are the guys at Watson Bloom, Palm Beach QLD. They not only stock our product so you can see our groovy eco packaging first hand, but they help us close the loop by accepting back your empty bottle and crafting you a FREE coffee for your effort.

— How to recycle?

If you're unable to return you empty packaging to a local partner, no problem. Our boxes and bottles are 100% recyclable. Prior to placing your empty bottle in the recycle bin - please remove the dropper and label.

— How to reuse?

Why not use your empty ‘oli oli’ bottle for any other face, body or hair care liquids it is the perfect travel size vessel for your next little getaway. Or zen out the living space and use it as a incense burner or put a small fresh flower bouquet in it and sit against a window sill where the blue glass can shine in all its glory. If you have creative ways of reusing your bottle please share it with us @byolioli #reuseolioli

— Our Vision

Like our own understandings our ethos is always looking to grow. Our second batch of Cactus Face will be stored in biodegradable boxes using soy based dyes. We are actively seeking a glass bottle that has been made using recycled glass and an alternative to plastic droppers.

We are always looking into innovative ways to make our range more sustainable and we encourage any feedback or suggestions.

Ethos empty bottle recycle reuse

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